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BBHD-12 Hotel Bedbug System
The BBHD-12 is our best selling unit for the Hospitality Industry. • Can operate off of 2 PTAC Units for faster treatment times • Discrete bed bug heat treatments • Rooms up to 400 sq. ft. Avai
BBHD-8 Hotel BedBug System
The BBHD-8 covers 350 square feet or less. This is a great heater for standard hotel rooms and uses only (3) plugs, (1) 240 volt (PTAC outlet) and (2) 120 volt breakers. You must use all three plugs
BK-10 BedBug Heater
The BK-10 utilizes (6) 120 volt breakers. Ideal for individual rooms, small apartments, residential and commercial applications. The BK-10 can also be used in hotels that do not have PTAC’s (Portab
BK-15 Hotel BedBug Heater System
The BK-15L is ideal for larger hotel rooms or suites with dual PTAC units. Treats areas up to 600 square feet utilizing (2) PTAC outlets and (4) 120 volt breakers. All heating elements can be individ
BK-17 Bedbug Heater
The BK-17 is a powerful 240 V unit for apartments, homes, timeshares, and condos. This unit uses (1) 50 amp or 40 amp 240V breaker, (1) 30 amp 240V breaker and (2) 20 amp 120 volt breakers. This uniq
BK-20 Bed Bug Heater
The BK-20 is a popular model for use in apartments and small homes. This unit uses (1) 50 amp 240V breaker and (6) 120V breakers Most versatile unit on the market Treats areas up to 900 sq. ft. Great
Pro-7 Electric BedBug Heater
Pro-7 BedBug Heater Designed for rooms less than 275 square feet, this heater produces 19,654 BTUs for complete treatment of bedrooms and other areas infested with bed bugs. Great for small room appl