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Electric Bed Bug Heater

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Mylar Duct

Duct For Propane Heat Treatments


240Volt Package Duct Dolly Attachment
List Price: $4,075.52
Our Price: $3,668.00
Savings: $407.52
Our Price: $229.00
240 Volt Commercial Bed Bug Removal Heater & Fan Treatment Package Duct Dolly Attachment - Propane Bed Bug Equipment Accessories
Heat up to 900 sq. ft. with this 240 Volt heater and fan package. Propane Accessory
Black Widow Basic Bundle w/ Fans Eliminator Elite
List Price: $8,304.00
Our Price: $7,899.00
Savings: $405.00

Our Price: $1,599.00

Bed Bug Removal Heater & Fan Packages - Black Widow Basic Bundle Eliminator Elite - Bed Bug Remediation Residential Bed Bug Room Heater
Direct Fired Propane Package w/ Fans 120 Volt Electric Heater
19,642 BTU
Black Widow Propane Heater Elite 8 Hotel Package
Our Price: $5,845.00

List Price: $2,488.00
Our Price: $2,228.00
Sale Price: $1,699.00
Savings: $789.00

Black Widow Propane Heater - Bed Bug Remediation Equipment Bed Bug Removal Heater & Fan Packages - Best Selling Hotel Package for Killing Bed Bugs
Propane Heater With Regulator
500,000 BTU
For Hotels w/ a PTAC and 2 - 110V Room Circuits

EcoForce Heat Systems® - Bed Bug Remediation & Restoration Supply Store

We strive to be your go-to bed bug eradication supply store with a comprehensive series of innovative products and packages at unbeatable prices. From commercial bed bug heaters to industrial blowers, EcoForce Heat Systems has infestation covered with superior products. Our goal is to incorporate the most advanced technology in today’s market to provide property owners and service professionals alike the ability to kill bed bugs with heat. Our bed bug heat systems offer affordability, excellent performance, compact design and ease of use. 

Eradicating bed bugs as quickly as possible is paramount. Use the proper industrial bed bug heat treatment equipment for your bed bug remediation projects to ensure that infestation stops there, protecting businesses, homes and guests. Offering an entire line of electric bed bug heaters, direct fired propane heaters and accessories.

Let our knowledgeable staff help choose the right heat package for your needs.


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