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How To Prepare Your Home for Bedbug Heat Treatment

Catching a case of bedbugs can be overwhelming and taxing to deal with, but by following the right heat treatment checklist, you can properly rid yourself of pesky bedbugs once and for all. Being exposed to bedbugs and having them in your home is more common than you think and has nothing to do with sanitation and cleanliness. These critters are easily spread from place to place by contact. For all you know, your home’s new bedbugs caught a ride on your luggage after a recent trip or on lightly used furniture that you purchased over the internet. It happens, and it can be a stressful and monotonous process to make sure your home is free of them. Take a look at our bedbug preparation sheet below to help you get ready for bedbug removal.

  • Gather all of your home’s textiles, such as bedding, sheets, clothing, blankets, pillowcases, towels, rugs, luggage and curtains. If possible, get these items dry cleaned. If not, wash anything that has come into contact with bedbugs in hot water and machine dry. Once clean, seal in storage containers to keep them clean and sanitized until after the treatment occurs.
  • For a mattress exposed to bedbugs, you can purchase a plastic casing to cover it to prevent the critters from feeding on you in your sleep and moving elsewhere in your home. Check with your bedbug heat treatment team to make sure that this will work for you if you’re unsure of the infestation level within your home.
  • Unplug electronics, empty bookshelves and place books in plastic containers, remove wall decor, take apart furniture (remove the drawers from night stands, dressers and desks), and move furniture away from the walls so that the perimeter of each room can be assessed properly and treated to prevent further spreading.
  • Vacuum carpet floors, especially around the perimeter of each room, and in between sofa and chair cushions. Discard the vacuum debris outside of your home to prevent the spread of bedbugs.
  • Allow time for the heat treatment to work effectively by vacating the premises, and follow the instructions given to you after the treatment. Allow all furniture to fully dry before using.

Bedbugs can be a tedious thing to remove from the home, as they’ll seek out hiding spots in the nooks and crannies of drawers, box springs and carpeting. This makes them difficult to get rid of. How you prepare for a bedbug heat treatment will help prevent the spread of these critters from room to room before the heat treatment process begins. After the heat treatment is finished, remember to follow the instructions given to help ensure that the removal process works. Doing so will also help make sure that bedbugs are not reintroduced to your home after the heat removal treatment.